Chisoda, Calea Sagului, DN 59, km7, nr. 221, Timis, Romania

Covaci, Soseaua de centura nr 6, Dumbravita, Timis, Romania

Targoviste, Str Laminorului 35, Dambovita, Timis, Romania

Tel: +40.256.308.555

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EUROPREFABRICATE is the leading company in the Romanian industry of concrete prefabricated elements due to the interaction between its advanced enterprises from Timisoara, Targoviste and Sofia (Bulgaria). The synergy with other companies from the EUROHOLDING Group allows the company to complete turnkey projects. We are in charge with the design, construction, finishing of industrial and civil buildings made of precompressed reinforced concrete in Romania and around the world.

Europrefabricate uses professional engineers, benefits from a modern internal laboratory and international consultants, trained and diligent, guaranteeing high safety and quality standards. The company is proud not only of an outstanding know how, but also of specialised equipment, such as precompression zones and thermal treatment equipment, which allow accurate production optimisation and planning.

The market-oriented policy of Europrefabricate and its production flexibility provides:
• a diversified  and complete catalogue meeting any architectural and structural design;
• personalisation of acknowledgments for each town
• speedinees in execution